milestoneBased has partnered with the DeFi price protection protocol, Bumper, to add an additional level of security and facilitate the shift from a centralized to decentralized governance model.

milestoneBased and Teneo Finance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding focused on working together to explore avenues of mutual benefit. This includes the sustaining of additional security measures for yield farming program.

milestoneBased Announces Launch Update Press Release

The First Blockchain DAO for Milestone Collaboration Between Investors and Startup Companies

San Francisco, November 23, 2021 — milestoneBased, the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) in a ground-breaking milestone collaboration platform for investors and startups, today provided an update…

A samurai has no goal, only a path; and this samurai’s path leads to a successful token launch!

Sergio began in traditional retail marketing, then he moved to ad agencies as a creative copywriter, producer and video maker. …

milestoneBased Partners with Ferrum Network

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Ferrum Network to provide expertise, user and community connections to help accelerate the milestoneBased go-to-market launch plan. …

Meet our Head of Design Mykola

Do you know what makes good design great? You don’t actually see that it’s “designed”.

This describes exactly the mindset of our Head of Design, Mykola.

And you won’t find him hanging around some fancy hipster-like coffee shop in an oversize sweatshirt sporting a…

milestoneBased has partnered with one of the leading smart contract auditors Zokyo. Zokyo is a known full-stack tech partner that provides companies with top-notch security auditing as well as the resources to build, secure, deploy, and grow their platforms.

Today, we would like you to meet Anna, the Customer Experience Manager.

Anna started her career in the blockchain sector as Investor Relations Manager working with multiple projects. This gave her a comprehensive understanding of all kinds of VC and Angel investor requirements, and the growth needs of founders of emerging new projects and companies. At Applicature, a development and acceleration agency, she has helped execute the investor relations plans of companies such as Triall and CryptoXpress.


Revolutionizing milestone management and capital efficiency for crypto investors and startups, using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.

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