Unveiling the Architecture of Power: Tiered Staking on milestoneBased — Your Gateway to Exclusive Rewards and Enhanced Influence

2 min readMay 2, 2024


In the realm of decentralized platforms, where user engagement drives progress, milestoneBased introduces a revised mechanism designed to empower you as a stakeholder: Tiered Staking. This meticulously crafted system unlocks a world of exclusive benefits, prioritizes your participation, and amplifies your influence within the ecosystem.

By understanding its mechanics and strategic advantages, you can position yourself to reap the full rewards of this innovative approach.

Your Journey to Ascendancy:

  • Three Tiers, Tailored to Your Ambition: Navigate a carefully calibrated structure, ascending through Tier 1 (Top 5%), Tier 2 (Solid Middle Class), and Tier 3 (Entry Point) based on your $MILE stake. Each tier unlocks a progressively enriching realm of benefits, ensuring your commitment is met with commensurate rewards.
  • $sMILE: The Engine of Value Accrual: As you stake, you generate $sMILE, a deflationary token that accumulates value through platform fees and strategic buybacks. The value of $sMILE escalates with each tier, amplifying your rewards as you ascend.
  • A Tapestry of Exclusive Advantages Await: Unlock a curated portfolio of benefits tailored to your tier, including:
  1. Prime Platform Positioning: Enjoy enhanced visibility, search result prioritization, and early access to exclusive features and partnerships.
  2. Airdrops and Events: Gain preferential access to airdrops from prominent partner projects, as well as exclusive events with industry leaders, investors, and thought leaders.
  3. Platform Utility: Benefit from discounted fees, priority access to governance proposals, and beta feature testing opportunities.

By adopting Tiered Staking, you make the tokenomics mechanics of milestoneBased work for you.

How to Stake

  1. Sign up on MilestoneBased- Collaboration platform for Crypto VCs and Startups

2. Deploy User Entity Smart Contract or Corporate Entity Smart Contract (read more about Entity Smart Contracts here).

a. Indicate the Referrer Address in Case if user interface prompts you.

3. Follow the Staking instructions. You can use any asset that is traded on Pancake swap if you are not holding $MILE tokens.

How to Unstake

Cooldown Period

The platform has the cooldown period as a protecting measure.

Anyone can override the limitations of the cool down period by paying the premiums to other takers by donating the cool down fees to the MILE/SMILE pool making every sMILE worth more in MILE.

Once the Cooldown period is over, you are opened a withdrawal time window, during which you can withdraw $MILE.

Please bear in mind the unstaking fees that are paid upon withdrawal. You will not be charged any fees if you change your mind and leave the $MILE on stake. In this case you don’t need to do anything. Your MILE will keep being part of the staking pool.

All the unstaking fees are redirected to the staking pool which appreciates the price of $sMILE relative to $MILE making all stakers positions be worth more.




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