Selection Criteria and Tips for Startups Entering “Grants for Roadmaps”

  • Have you chosen a great idea that’s original and few have thought of it yet?
  • Do you serve a specific real market need or solve an existing user/business pain?
  • Is the need or pain potentially experienced by a huge number of people/organizations?
  • Would they be motivated to solve it through your solution/giving you their money?
  • Key goals/milestones and tasks and planned implementation dates. Reflects the chronology of achieving short term and intermediate/longer term milestones and completing underlying tasks for a future period such as months, quarters or a couple of years.
  • Prototype/MVP availability. The roadmap for an early-stage project often contains the development of a first prototype or the minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Product Functions & Features development/availability. The roadmap should outline important new features/functions and timing of availability.
  • Product or User Launch and Beta/General availability. The roadmap often includes key dates and the order of product roll out for beta stage or general availability, or formal company/user roll out and timing.
  • Do you have previous experience or background in tech or crypto?
  • Have you started/founded a previous company or worked in a startup before?
  • Do you/does your team have a variety of skills required to achieve near-term milestones i.e. application development skills but can manage finances, project management or lead others?
  • Do you have a high level of passion and commitment to your idea/growing it into a significant crypto business?
  • Are you a fast learner, open and keen to grow personally and professionally?
  • Are you strongly driven to succeed and driven to make your business succeed?
  • Are you willing to put in the work and time required to build a significant crypto business?
  • Are you able to convince investors, future team members and others to be part of your project’s vision?



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