milestoneBased Provides a Community Update

  • We migrated code from Express to Nest.JS. This will make future development more structured and faster and will enable easier to plug-in and reuse code giving us higher efficiency in our development processes.
  • Finished migration of our code to GitHub. This will make the protocol open source and easier for the community to write apps and increase milestoneBased use.
  • Started connecting Web3 Synergy (an open source tool repository) to the platform (on global level: connect wallet, transaction history) and testing. This also furthers the open source availability for the community so other developers can leverage the code and save time.
  • Wrote & deployed Smart Contracts for the Withdraw function, and for a new feature- Staking. We also made front end and back end modifications to enable the Staking feature. Staking is part of the tiered approach system to enable more token utility. We plan to formally announce this.
  • Deployed “Entity” option for listing more complex organizations/VCs with multiple subsidiaries (for project, user, firm listings etc.) for contracts. We are implementing functionality for deploying Entities on the user front end and back end of the platform.
  • Made various improvements and bug fixes to the platform to help the usability and speed.



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