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2 min readJan 19, 2023


Streams — New Function Making it Easy for Investors to Share Promising Startups and Dealflow with Peers

Today, milestoneBased — the decentralized collaboration platform for the startup ecosystem, just announced the launch of the first iteration of the “Streams” function. This function was designed for investors to easily flag and share the promising projects they like as current or prospective investments with their peers.

An important part of the startup funding process, particularly in the blockchain world, is for a project to be able to attract investors but also have them be excited enough to want to share the project’s information with their investor peers. This community building is key to creating awareness, interest and “buzz” in investor circles, in order to attract a consortium of investors usually required over the entire fundraising and company scaling journey.

The Streams function enables investors to share their favorite projects along with roadmap information, and also keep track of both outgoing and incoming project recommendation requests. This function facilitates a huge improvement over the current informal and inefficient way VCs share project recommendations and dealflow today.

The Streams function is just one of a list of upcoming planned functions and features focused on the community and “karma” building aspect of the milestoneBased platform. These are all aimed at helping investors easily find the projects they wish to put on their funding radar, and helping startup projects to find the most suitable investors for collaboration and growth equity.

About milestoneBased:

We are on a mission to fix a legacy system of VC capital inefficiency by revolutionizing collaboration between crypto investors and startups. milestoneBased leverages a blockchain DAO and escrow smart contracts in an automated governance and milestone achievement management platform. Investors achieve greater capital and process efficiency plus data-driven insights, for a faster path to liquidity and monetization. Startup teams access funding and strengthen performance through milestone accountability.

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