milestoneBased has partnered with Crypto VC, Mempool Ventures, the investment arm of the award-winning accelerator agency and company incubator, Applicature. Mempool Ventures will become one of the first Crypto VCs to use the Beta version of the milestoneBased platform.

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The partnership will enable Mempool Ventures to use the milestoneBased as a source of deal flow and a resource for both finding and evaluating new company investment opportunities. Mempool Investments will instruct all its potential investee companies to list their company roadmap and milestones on the milestoneBased platform. The two companies will also partner on other initiatives such as the development of the Sustainable Finance Movement and a Forum planned in Q1 of 2022, which will explore blockchain as a source of positive change in the startup and investing ecosystem.

Our team has been dedicated to building and bringing the platform to life since 2018; we want to solve many of the endemic issues of VC portfolio management and the risk management concerns of crypto. We are happy to have Mempool Ventures on board to help us perfect the operation of the platform and provide feedback for its continual improvement.— Ihor Savchuk, CEO at

milestoneBased provides an easy-to-use platform for our portfolio companies to list their milestones, and an efficient way for us to shorten the due diligence, administrative, and process time to get the right ones into our portfolio. We are looking forward to cooperating with milestoneBased and exploring all the benefits that a DOA and smart contracts can offer to venture capital investing.” — Nathan Khrupalo, CEO ar Mempool.Ventures

About Mempool.Ventures

Mempool Ventures is a Crypto VC investing in breakthrough technologies at the genesis stages. The company focuses on blockchain, cryptography, machine learning, and specific sectors such as gaming. Mempool provides hands-on mentorship, team augmentation, token ecosystem expertise, and leverages an extensive network of partnerships to help grow from idea stage to a successful scale-up company.

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About milestoneBased

milestoneBased helps crypto startups and investors more efficiently collaborate on milestone development and deployed funds management. We are the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and smart contract escrow in an automated governance and roadmap management platform. Early-stage investors use our platform for capital and process efficiency, and to gain more confidence due to security, transparency, and data-driven insights; all contributing to a faster path to monetization. Startups teams become more motivated and synchronized with investor expectations, and focus on the right KPIs for strengthened performance.

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Revolutionizing milestone management and capital efficiency for crypto investors and startups, using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.

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Revolutionizing milestone management and capital efficiency for crypto investors and startups, using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.