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5 min readOct 4, 2022

End of September, 2022

We are pleased to provide our community with details on our team’s recent accomplishments in September, including development work on the product roadmap and features, and business development and marketing activities.

The value of the $MILE token continues to hold up well during these challenging Crypto Winter times, recently trading at $1.42 USD(at 28/09), with a seven day average volume of $313 K.

We now have about 40 startups on the platform and a growing contingent of VCs; our goal is to have 30 VCs up and using the platform in the coming weeks.

Team Update:

Our team has continued to focus on platform development, onboarding new investor and startup users, platform fundraising initiatives, and new community development marketing initiatives.

As reported previously, our team now consists of 23 people working in full-time and part-time capacities across the business. We are in the process of adding some new team members and a new advisor; to be announced soon.

Product Development Update:

Our development team continues to work on the smart contract protocol where testnet pilots are taking place, and they are making a number of improvements to the UI/UX from analysis and feedback.

The development team, as well as product and marketing teams, are focused on planning for the launch of some significant new features over the next few weeks. These include:

Entity Tiers and Staking Feature

This new feature enables users to stake $MILE and earn points on the platform. The higher your stake, the better the premium features you can access.

Deal Flow Sharing Streams Feature

Designed to get rid of the often muddled and non-efficient deal sharing processes, this new and unique service makes fundraising simple for both parties. Send and share startup/investor portfolio info to other investors in one click.

The following are other development team activities over the last month:

  • We continued to improve existing platform functionality including fixing all critical bugs of non-blockchain features, primarily to impact usability and speed improvements.
  • In getting ready to launch the new Staking feature, we are improving the logic of this feature so will redesign all smart contracts for “Staking, Withdraw and Deploy” capabilities.
  • We are completing some development redesigns to ensure the Staking feature is secure and operates with maximum efficiency.
  • As reported previously, we are finishing up migrating the code from Express to Nest.JS which will enable faster future development and use of plug-ins and reusable code.

Community & Marketing Update:

We continue to sign up new startups to our grant program, in addition to onboarding new startups/VCs onto the platform. We’ve also participated in some community events and undertaken some new fundraising initiatives.

Grant Program Update

The MilestoneBased Grant Program’s inaugural round for Q3 applications is now complete. Each startup registered for the program has submitted a roadmap, and our judging team is currently reviewing them. We will reveal the winners of the $20K grants in the middle of October. For those who missed the first application deadline, the second opportunity to join the Grant Program for Q4 is now live and we will start campaign promotion shortly.

Social Media/Web

We have redoubled our efforts on social media, getting more active on Telegram and have opened up our chat channel to our invited community; this is in addition to our announcement channel. Please reach out to us if you’d like to be invited to join the chat group.

We have increased our weekly content frequency and quality in order to boost our engagement and follow metrics. We’ve received good Twitter metrics over the past few months; this now stands at over 4900 followers. Our other channels are steadily growing every month but we’d like to accelerate this. You can find all our SM links at the bottom of this document.

We have been engaged in the ongoing updating of our website that was originally built by merging together the platform site, with the public facing the main sales site. We’ve made some updates and are continuing to make more for easier navigation, improved synchronization between the two sites, and we are also working on improved organic SEO.

Community & Business Development Update:

We continue to prioritize reaching out to and meeting with startups, accelerators and VCs as part of the active onboarding of new projects/users. Our business development team has regular “onboarding concierge” meetings with new projects to help them list their roadmaps. We continue to promote milestoneBased via our various BD managers from across Applicature portfolio companies, including existing clients and partners.

Partnership Announcements

We announced another new VC partnership with Agera Ventures. They will help us evaluate top applications for the Grants for Roadmaps program plus they are prepared to deploy up to $150K per project as follow-up funding for the top projects that also meet their criteria. We have other announcements in progress.

Events and Conference Pitches

milestoneBased recently was chosen to present at the ESG (Entreneurship Sports Generation) pitch event as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Month. Our platform contributes to Sustainable Finance and fits with two of the 17 UN SD goals identified to improve the world by 2030. After competing with 60,000 other startups that initially wanted to be part of the program, we were pleased to be able to go all the way to the final round where we presented milestoneBased to a large virtual and in-person audience in Dubai.

Fundraising Update:

We are in active conversation with multiple Crypto VCs and Family Offices. Our CMO, Linda Montgomery, attended a private VIP Family Office event held in NYC to promote mB to this community. We engaged with over 50 of these investors, of the 117 that were invited.

Our Founder and CEO, Ian Arden, initiated an Abu Dhabi Founders and Funders crypto networking event recently where he promoted mB to the local community of investors.

We will be advising our community when we have news or announcements to share.

Thank you for your continued support of our project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or client referrals.

Best regards,

milestoneBased Team

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