#milestoneBased Chosen as Official Grants Screening Solution for Kingaru Immersive Commerce

3 min readJun 23, 2022

milestoneBased, a next-generation milestone collaboration platform for the startup funding ecosystem, today announced a partnership with the Immersive Commerce Blockchain company Kingaru. milestoneBased’s platform will be used to power Kingaru’s grant screening and funding program, enabling developers to apply for grants to build on Kingaru’s blockchain ecommerce ecosystem.

The milestoneBased platform will manage the application and screening process and automate and accelerate decision making for the awarding of grants on the Kingaru Blockchain. The platform’s blockchain-based DAO and escrow smart contract structure will enable streamlined operations, capital efficiency, security, and governance for grant decisions and deployed monies. The platform also provides data and analytical tools for performance management to help Kingaru manage and scale their grant program.

Developers apply for grants via Kingaru’s website which links directly to the milestoneBased platform where they register and list important data about their proposed grant application, their roadmap, and milestone development timelines. Through the DAO-based automated voting and governance, decision makers will then be able to screen, reach consensus decisions, and award grants to the winning submissions plus ensure the funded work gets completed.

Started in 2018 by a team of blockchain and startup industry veterans, milestoneBased enables any early-stage startup to list company roadmap and milestone goals and connect and collaborate with investors for funding. Funding decisions and governance are automated as part of the DAO, and funds are securely held in an escrow smart contract till milestones are verified and voted complete. The platform also offers a host of startup education tools and tools for AI and performance analysis for investors.

Kingaru is a blockchain built for the coming of Immersive Retail experiences and brings consumers and brands together. In addition to retail ecommerce, users can experience the token economy using the blockchain’s native token, KRU, as well as unique loyalty programs, and experiences that span AR, NFT, and the metaverse worlds. Communities of developers and merchants can tap into Kingaru’s payment functions, wallet and DeFi features enabling improved and immersive retail experiences.

“We are pleased that Kingaru chose milestoneBased as the platform to power their grants program and the future growth of their ecosystem,” said Ian Arden, Founder of milestoneBased. “Our mission is to automate and dramatically improve milestone management and collaboration between startups and those who fund them, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable model.” He added “We look forward to working with Kingaru to pioneer the expansion of immersive experiences for consumers through managing the funding process for the projects that will help build it.”

Brad Boyle, Founder of Kingaru said, “We could not be more pleased with the partnership between Kingaru and milestoneBased. The speed by which companies can register, be evaluated, and eventually receive grants is beyond compare. The milestoneBased technology will be pivotal to the growth of the Kingaru community giving access to grants and capital not available on any other blockchain.”

About Kingaru:

Kingaru’s blockchain-based Immersive Commerce ecosystem provides new ways for consumers and brands to come together. All aspects of a service or product company can utilize the Kingaru Network from the idea stage to financing the project, the eventual product launch, and providing payment systems that are fast, efficient, and nearly immediate. Kingaru will bring blockchain-based immersive commerce to in-person retail, e-commerce, digital commerce, and even provide commerce opportunities for VR and metaverse projects. www.kingaru.com

About milestoneBased:

milestoneBased is on a mission to fix a legacy system of VC capital inefficiency by revolutionizing collaboration on milestone management between crypto investors and startups. We are the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and escrow smart contract capabilities, in an automated governance and milestone achievement management platform. Early-stage investors achieve greater capital and process efficiency, improved security and transparency, and data-driven insights, for a faster path to liquidity and monetization of deployed funds. Startup teams become milestone focused and motivated for strengthened performance. www.milestonebased.com

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