milestoneBased Announces Partnership with Mirai DAO — up to $1.2 Million of Follow-on Capital Available for milestoneBased Grant Recipients

3 min readAug 1, 2022


San Francisco, CA, July 29th , 2022 — milestoneBased, the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and smart contracts to dramatically improve milestone and funding collaboration between startups and investors, has announced a partnership with VC and Private Equity investor Mirai DAO.

Mirai DAO is a UAE-based VC and Private Equity investor in the emerging tech and blockchain space, founded by Amalia Grochal. Also known as 未来, the company invests in distributive technology that is decentralized, scalable, secure and sustainable.

Under the partnership, Mirai DAO will evaluate the top 10% of startups that apply to the new Grants for Roadmaps program to assess their potential for follow-on funding. Mirai DAO has up to $1.2 million USD available annually for deployment into our ecosystem participants.

“As Mirai DAO claims — future is now; so we seek to invest in teams and technology solutions that are determined to disrupt the current with yet unseen ideas,” says Amalia Grochal, Founder of Mirai DAO. “We are looking forward to working with milestoneBased and excited at the prospect of onboarding early stage quality projects on our table, where we may contribute to funding and mentorship to support their growth.”

“milestoneBased leverages the benefits of blockchain to revolutionize the traditional startup funding ecosystem. We eliminate collaboration friction, put greater focus on milestone/roadmap achievement, and help investors use capital more efficiently to fund milestones.” said Ian Arden, Founder and CEO of milestoneBased. “ We are pleased to welcome Amalia and Mirai DAO as part of our community of investors.”

Under the “Grants for Roadmaps” contest, up to 3 grants of $20,000 will be awarded for the best qualified projects every quarter starting in July 2022. A total of $250,000 USD is available for up to 12 startups over the next 4 quarters to be awarded at the end of every quarter. Winning teams receive many special benefits along with the regular benefits of being part of the milestoneBased ecosystem, including acceleration mentorship services and follow-on funding opportunities with partners like Mirai DAO.

To qualify, a startup must register and list their project’s roadmap/milestones on the milestoneBased platform, fill out the contest entry form, and do a social media post.

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About milestoneBased:

milestoneBased is on a mission to fix a legacy system of VC capital inefficiency by revolutionizing collaboration on milestone management between crypto investors and startups. We are the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and escrow smart contract capabilities, in an automated governance and milestone achievement management decentralized tech platform. Early-stage investors achieve greater capital and process efficiency, improved security and transparency, and data-driven insights, for a faster path to liquidity and monetization of deployed funds. Startup teams get access to an investor community and become milestone focused and motivated for strengthened performance.

About Mirai DAO:

A UAE-based VC and Private Equity investor in emerging tech and blockchain space, founded by Amalia Grochal. 未来 invests in distributive technology that taps into Decentralized Finance and Internet, Layer 0s with secure cross-chain compatibility, Communication of on-chain Databases and Metrics, as well as, Leader-Led Partially-Decentralized Governance.




Revolutionizing milestone management and capital efficiency for crypto investors and startups, using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.