How milestoneBased is going to change the crypto game

3 min readNov 5, 2021

The background

In a short time since Bitcoin and blockchain technology was first introduced in 2008, we’ve seen tremendous growth of distributed networks as a way to conduct “trustless” commerce, and the opportunity to reform a legacy financial services industry into a truly digital, streamlined and cost-effective modern system. The blockchain provides so many benefits of transparency, security, accessibility, and global inclusion with 24/7 access. The collaboration in a startup funding environment between VC and Angel investors and their portfolio of startups is a key area of finance where the benefits of distributed networks can add tremendous value.

With any ground-breaking new technology, the road to maturity and adoption is messy. Hearing about fraud and investors losing money seemed like a weekly occurrence a few years ago. Billions were lost, and hundreds of millions were stolen- $200 million a year in the UK alone according to a recent study.

So this is when the idea of a blockchain-based roadmap management platform for deployed funds touched the minds of two longtime blockchain technology advocates Andrew Zubko (CTO) and Ian Arden (Advisor). This was the genesis for the founding of milestoneBased, elevating the security and efficiency in startup investing, and meeting the need of the crypto community to use blockchain solutions themselves and encourage its adoption.

What does it do?

Today milestoneBased is on a mission to fix a legacy system of capital inefficiency and security in the startup funding world by revolutionizing roadmap management and collaboration for crypto investors and their startups. We are the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and smart contract escrow capabilities, in an automated governance and milestone achievement management platform. VCs and early-stage investors achieve greater capital and process efficiency, plus better security, transparency, and data-driven insights. We help chart a faster path to liquidity and monetization of deployed funds. We help startup teams be more motivated and focused for strengthened performance.

mB today

After three years of development milestoneBased is currently at the Demo stage with several customer users helping us collect feedback to enhance the UX and functionality. Whether it’s improving the efficiency of teams with proper management of roadmap and milestones execution, or implementing DAO model and community governance to embody voting, milestoneBased will serve its best in the crypto ecosystem.

Future of mB

Having access to projects’ roadmaps and constantly measuring the performance will bring tons of data that can be used to train machine learning algorithms to predict future behaviours. We see the opportunity to help investors gain new insights to make more informed decisions. This will impact new and existing investment decisions, and help VCs understand the levers of growth performance for reaching monetization faster.

About milestoneBased

The crypto company investing model is broken- riddled with process and capital inefficiency and risk. Investor-founder collaboration is not systematic, inefficient deployed capital and milestone management, and inexperienced founders learning to scale. milestoneBased is the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and smart contract escrow in an automated governance and roadmap management platform. Early-stage investors use our platform to gain more confidence due to security, transparency, data-driven insights and capital efficiency for a faster path to monetization of deployed funds. Startups teams are motivated and synchronized with investor expectations, and focused on the right KPIs for strengthened performance.




Revolutionizing milestone management and capital efficiency for crypto investors and startups, using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.