Blockchain Roadmaps & Milestones: Deploying Smart Contract Based Escrow & Governance System

2 min readFeb 15, 2024

We know! It’s been craved. So here we go! The functionality we have been working on for many long months is getting ready to see the sun.

Announcing test deployment of Blockchain Roadmap & Governance System, scheduled for March 24, 2024.

Configuration: Managed Test Environment

The deployment will enable test usage of the blockchain based roadmap and DAO. We will deploy and test the technical and functional feasibility of the release using the mock ERC-20 tokens for treasury management of the release.

The functionality will be available for milestoneBased own projects, and any projects that will have expressed interest and been qualified for the testing.

Scope: Roadmap, Milestones, Proposals, Staked Voting

Roadmaps: each roadmaps is represented as a standalone smart contract, with the transactions and events related to it being transparently traced via blockchain scan or platform.

Milestones: particles of milestones with the budgets, deadlines and set of other parameters attached to them.

Proposals: as soon as roadmap is deployed it’s considered immutable. However, limitless pivots are possible via the proposals system. Every proposal is a way to execute a change to the milestones on-chain.

Staked Voting: the system is designed to require staked project tokens and $MILE tokens in certain proportion in order to vote for proposals. Multiple voting strategies will be possible per roadmap settings.

Further Steps

Upon the successful testing of this Managed Environment, we will start shipping Roadmaps for the public use by external projects.




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