Meet the team: Sergio Karavanets, Head of Marketing

A samurai has no goal, only a path; and this samurai’s path leads to a successful token launch!

Sergio began in traditional retail marketing, then he moved to ad agencies as a creative copywriter, producer and video maker. His diverse marketing background includes building several sports initiatives, including uniting people under one of the largest sports festivals in Ukraine.

Sergio’s career in crypto marketing began as a content marketeer, quickly evolving to a strategist, and heading a successful token launch for one of Applicature’s customers putting clinical trials on the Blockchain,

At milestoneBased, Sergio is managing a big marketing vision for the company- including daily operations to onboard influencers, creative targeting of ads, designing messages, and shaping the community of token holders around the company’s mission.

Sergio likes to follow the philosophy he often heard from his father: It’s better to be a tree in the forest, then a tree in the field. So every day he is focused on growing the forest of interested and engaged people around milestoneBased.


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